Why a Swiss Digital Cinema Initiative?

Filmmaking and especially its distribution part has changed considerably in recent years, to achieve an almost exclusive play out in digital, whether Swiss or foreign movies. Even though the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) has started 10 years ago and has achieved a standardization of the digital projection with the DCP (Digital Cinema Package), in reality professionals are facing continual changes and technical breakthrough.

Production, particularly image capture has also experienced a major turning point with the advent of high-end digital cameras, which require a heavy workflow in technical terms. In this area, the modifications are also very common.

In order to overcome the lack of information inherent in these frequent changes, many countries have created structures whose purpose is to ensure the quality of the production chain, up to the diffusion, and to achieve a national harmonization. These institutions usually include professionals who issue technical recommendations.

The Goals of Swiss Digital Cinema Initiatives

To provide the professionals in the film industry in Switzerland with certified information in their native language, allowing them to be aware of the quality standards and technical regulations in force at the international level. It is also very important that this knowledge is shared throughout the complete chain, from production to distribution and archiving of the digital content, because the technological choices made from the very beginning have a significant impact on the entire production.

The Mission of Swiss Digital Cinema Initiatives

Swiss DCI provides its members with technical knowledge on digital cinema and suggests recommendations, ensuring harmonization and high quality level of services in the best safety conditions. The Association’s mission is also to represent Switzerland on an international level, among other organizations in order to be at the heart of decision making in this domain.

For whom?

Producers, post-production companies, manufacturers of technological solutions, distributors and exhibitors, film festivals, film schools, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and archives are all involved in digital cinema and its technological challenges and it is for them that Swiss DCI is created this year during the Solothurn Film Festival 2013.


By organizing conferences and workshops, forging international partnerships, and making available to its members via a website some documentation and technical recommendations on best practices. The association is a non-profit organization under Swiss Law.

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